Bangkok Craziness

Main train line through Bangkok, looking east as the sun rises, from Nasa Vegas Hotel
Nasa Vegas Hotel entrance under the train

It’s hard for me to believe I’ve been in Bangkok for 10 days already, seems like just a few days have passed. The busyness, fast pace, and overall craziness of the city seem to have swept me up right from the airport. I’ve mainly been staying nearby the Nasa Vegas Hotel, Bangkok, which is near the airport, very close to train line. The traffic here is something to behold! It’s a good idea to plan on at least an extra hour for traffic if you want to move between even neighboring areas of Bangkok. Taxis are very cheap, however, just don’t count on them making correct change for large bills and make sure they agree to use their meter. And the internet is almost as slow and congested as the freeways. The Nasa Vegas Hotel, charges 150baht for 24 hrs of crappy, spotty internet. It was hard to get work done, so I have relocated to the JL Bangkok: $30CAD/night, nicer room, cheaper restaurant, quieter, courtyard, laundry, and best of all, free wifi adequate for my current needs. Don’t worry Mom, I’m not on the run! Just searching for faster internet. 😛

Street-side courtyard at the JL Bangkok
Spicy chicken and cashews with a pineapple smoothy for breakfast

The city smells bad from open sewage treatment dumping into canals, street vendors emptying buckets of liquids of varying viscosities into gutters, litter, garbage, street food vendors cooking assorted animals/organs, etc. But overall most people are fairly courteous and so far I have felt fairly safe walking around alone, even at night. I was walking back to my hotel a few days ago and somehow ended up walking the wrong way along the sky-way freeway, hoping to avoid an unlit ghetto and save some time, but unfortunately it didn’t return to ground level for many kms. After informing me that I was not allowed to be walking up there, a police officer was kind enough to give me a ride back and welcome me to Thailand.

Spicy red curry chicken and coconut juice breakfast
Gettin some work done

Originally I had a kind of ad-hoc hosting arrangement with a friend who was hosting my TOADLY BROODLE!!! website, and the plan was to meet him here in Thailand and do some work/travel together. Doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen now though – he’s been MIA since I’ve been here and now his fb account (my only means of contacting him) has vanished. I’ve progressively been having more and more problems with accessing/managing the site’s ftp and cpanel backend, until (about the same time his fb account went offline) I completely lost access to my admin accounts. So after a few days of troubleshooting, I’ve set up my own hosting, and after a few more days of frigging around, I’ve now managed to successfully migrate the site over, more or less intact, to my own host – which so far has been more reliable than the previous arrangement. Cory, if you’re reading this, get in touch with me – hope all is well 🙂

Catching some very impressive live music at EST 33 – the nine
Hungry pigeons and fish at Saranrom Park
Saranrom Park
Ramkhamhaeng University shrine
Ramkhamhaeng University turtle pond
Grand Palace lit up
Grand Palace elephant monument


Ministry of Defence
Flag-lowering ceremony at the Old Big Gun Museum

Earlier, I took a half-day trip by bus downtown to see the Grand Palace and nearby buildings. When I arrived it was already closed, and I had forgotten to wear long pants anyways (must be dressed modestly to enter), but there were many interesting things to see in the area, so I just walked around a few parks and took pictures of buildings and landmarks. As the sunset on the Grand Palace, at Luang Park, I sat cross-legged and watched people flying kites and children playing soccer until after dark.

Thammasat University from Luang Park

Oh yeah, and there was a jumper at my building sitting in his window and threatening to jump all one day from the sixth floor (a little low in my opinion). The firemen, police, and rubberneckers had a perimeter set up around under him; but pretty sure he chickened out. Oh and speaking of jumping…I went to a trampoline park! …Sorry, that was a TOADLY BROODLE!!! transition.

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5 thoughts on “Bangkok Craziness

  1. Cari Mutch says

    No shortage of things to see there! Very glad your encounter with the law was of the friendly sort.

  2. Cari Mutch says

    I hope your friend is ok.

    1. lmutch says

      I’m sure he’s fine 🙂

  3. Tiara says

    Glad to see a post ☺
    Loving the photos, and drooling over the food. Love you!

  4. lmutch says

    Thanks! Love you too 🙂


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