Bees in slow motion

Bees flying, collecting nectar and pollen in slow motion

Moto X Play

It’s been gorgeous weather in Edmonton, Alberta for the past few weeks and so I’ve taken the opportunity to find out a little more about the local bees who work tirelessly to pollinate our crops and flower beds. I also recently purchased a [amazon text=Moto X Play&asin=B012W8XE6E] with a smashed screen for $20! So have been patiently waiting for the new screen ($60) to arrive from Hong Kong. It arrived last week and so I carefully disassembled the phone and managed to put ‘er back together without ruining anything else. Well, I did end up with a minor chip on the new screen, still not sure if I pressed too hard when tightening down the screws or whether it was shipped that way? Very happy with the results anyways, and now I have a newish phone for $80!

[amazon template=iframe image2&asin=B012W8XE6E]

Anywho, it  has a feature that allows capturing video in slow motion, so the bees have had to put up with me jamming it all up in their business. For the most part they seem too busy to pay me much mind aside from the occational investigatory fly-by. I’m pretty impressed with the camera’s slow motion capture, it records at 0.25X speed and 960*540p. So if you’re looking to take some slow motion video with your phone, but can’t afford (or don’t want) a new iPhone, then the [amazon text=Moto X Play&asin=B012W8XE6E] ([amazon text=Moto X Pure&asin=B013SEXKI8] in the US) is a great option. Also it’s a great little personal assistant that responds to all kinds of hands free voice commands. Personally, I have always loved the Motorolla’s Moto X line, for it’s voice and camera features as well as it’s active display lock screen UI.

Bees in slow motion

But without further ado, here are the results of my new(ish) Moto X Play’s HD, slow motion video capabilities.

Thanks to all participating bees for their patience with me. And thanks to my buddy Sean Armitage for the music. If you like his stuff, you can listen to more at

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