Bye Thailand, Hi Korea

white sand long beach koh lanta thailand lizard mosquito patrol lanta baan nok thailand landon local kitchen mom koh lanta thailand landon koh lanta street vendor landon feet in sand long beach koh lanta thailand landon and koh lanta baan nok thailand family jellyfish long beach koh lanta thailand fisherman andaman sea long beach koh lanta thailandWell I felt the urge to move along again. My last few weeks in Thailand were very relaxing as I slipped into a routine of 9am coffee, walking along the beach to forage breakfast, hammock reading, escaping the afternoon heat in my rooms AC to get some work done (aka surfing the net), supper from my local mom’s kitchen, sleep, repeat. But I will have to say goodbye until we meet again Koh Lanta, the spring cherry blossoms and a special someone are calling me from Korea!

cheonan train station korea don mueang airport bangkok thailand moons family dinner suns mom cousins aunt and uncle and me junhyuk looking to stir things up a little junhyuk tapping out sunmis mom and aunt busy in the kitchenAfter flying and airports all night long, I arrived in Incheon, Korea at ~9am. I sleepily found a cab that dropped me at the front door of my airbnb room for the night. There was no one home and I have no data on my phone, but luckily their wifi was unprotected. I decided to have a look at the check-in time: 7pm, unluckily. It was a little chilly in the wind, so I threw on an extra layer and fell asleep on the lawn in the sun for a few hours. When I woke up I went in search of a restaurant, no one spoke English but whatever they gave me was not bad, and the owner most generously refused my money when I went to leave. I managed to kill the rest of the afternoon with another nap, and the hostess was most apologetic despite my insistence that it was my own fault for not reading stuff properly (seems I tend to ignore inconsequential stuff like flight dates and check-in times). Next day I caught a bus to Cheonan, Korea and met my Sun and Moon for the first time in two and a half years and her family. They were all most welcoming (well all except for one of Sun’s younger cousins who is quite jealous for her attention), and SunMi most generously served as translator all weekend as the only Korean words I knew at that point were ‘hello,’ ‘thank you,’ ‘sorry,’ and a few choice swear words. Her Mom seemed quite worried about me sleeping on lawns and how thin I was and if I was feeling ok, and she bought me pajamas so I’d be comfortable in the evening when everyone changed into comfortable clothes.

beers with suns coworkersAfter the weekend we caught an impressively high-speed train to Pohang. Sun asked me what I noticed that was different between Canada and Korea, I decided to make a funny and said, “way more Koreans here!” And we laughed and laughed… (by ‘we’ I mean ‘I’ and by ‘laughed’ I mean ‘frowned’)… Oh that reminds me of a joke I heard today, will forget it if I don’t retell it:

Q: When does a joke become a “dad joke”?

A: When it becomes apparent!…

And we laughed…and laughed…

supper with suns friend pohang traditional korean bacholli spa day with sun pretty sure this is the urinating pool sun and me at the korean independence memorial small streets in pohang me at the korean independence monmument unsung hero virus killer appliance huge diorite block sculpture korean independence monmument iron age korean remains korean independence memorial neon lights downtown pohang drinks with friends pohang landon sunmi anapji heritage site gyeongju korea anapji temple eaves gyeongju korea anapji pond at night gyeongju korea anapji island trees temple pond reflection gyeongju korea anapji building lights reflected in pond dinner with suns coworkers gyeongju street statue and cherry blossoms gyeongju street cherry blossoms all lit up cherry blossoms lit up at night gyeongju korea cherry blossoms in nearby park in pohanglandon sunmi under cherry blossoms korea

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