Cairo Tower

nile at night from cairo tower

Cairo Tower

So I woke up to my usual noon alarm clock – resonating city-wide “allahuuuuuu akbar” calls to prayer – too late to make the most of the museum. Instead I walked across a recently bombed bridge to Gezira Island to see the Cairo Tower.

cairo tower horse jumping arena cairo tower at night street lights entrance to cairo tower at night cairo tower close up night lightsOn the way across the bridge I walked over a number of horse jumping arenas. The arenas were directly flanked by a roadside dumping ground in the trees, reeking of human excrement, and roamed by packs of feral dogs. Along the same roadside was a line of taxi drivers, a man with absolutely no legs (not even stubs) begging from a traffic jammed curb, and a beggar lying on cardboard half clothed with his penis exposed. To this day, I’ve never seen such a stark juxtaposition within a few city blocks of the abject poverty stricken and wealthy elites. It hit me pretty hard…

view from cairo tower over gezira island

me atop the cairo tower on gezira island nile party boats lit up at nightThe view was really nice; you could see the Nile wrapping completely around the island. I had expected to see the pyramids, but the smog was too dense – which I’m kind of happy about because now the first time I see them will be up close. It was dark on the way back, and the line of party boats were upping their active recruitment by blaring eastern music, neon lights, and disco-balls.

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4 thoughts on “Cairo Tower

  1. Cari M says

    Quite the contrasts. Seems like there is a lot to see within walking distance of your hotel.

  2. lmutch says

    Yeah I luckily chose a pretty good spot to set up base-camp first try. Plan on heading to Luxor soon though.

  3. Tiara Mutch says

    Yeah that sounds pretty diverse…. big towers(Cairo), little towers (beggar penis) and everything in between 🙂

  4. lmutch says

    lol, yeah most of what I've seen has been pretty poverty, garbage and pollution everywhere


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