Cost of living in Egypt

Daily Cost of living in Egypt

-Accommodation EG£ 65
-Breakfast and coffee EG£ 20
-3 litres bottled water EG£ 10.5
-Pepsis, ice-cream EG£ 14
-Pizza EG£ 12
-Tips ~10%
-Total EG£ 133.65 ~= CAD$ 21.5

egyptian hieroglyph from museum of antiquityThe cost of living in Egypt is dirt cheap – taking off your headphones to listen to another burst of explosions outside your building and all the shop-keeps slamming down their gates… priceless? Two minutes later pedestrians just continue walking along like nothing happened so it must be fine I guess.

That reminds me, pedestrians here are intense! It’s like watching Frogger for real, like they just casually walk through immense speeding traffic like they’re blind and deaf without a care in the world! Whenever I have to cross the street I pretty much just shadow someone else, but still have had many near misses, like I’m talking <1ft – but apparently that’s normal; the only difference is that I’m not nearly as composed about it! They must have a laugh at this tourist who jumps out of the way of oncoming cars and asks questions about random rounds of IED explosions, lol.

Speaking of Radical Muslims…

Got a new neighbor last night; a middle aged German man wearing hippy/eastern attire and an embarrassingly wispy beard. Before even talking with him, I had a good feeling about what type of person he was – he did not disappoint. I have mostly kept to myself so far, but now that I’m feeling more comfortable here I’ve making more of an attempt at being social. So had a conversation with him last night which turned out to be amusing if not mildly alarming. He was trying to convince me that everyone has been brainwashed and islam is the only truth in the world for this, that, and the other reason – all of which I graciously cast doubt upon. Nonetheless, after finally extracting myself from the conversation, he went to bed with a scowl on his face. As I have every intention of going home with my head on my shoulders, I locked my door last night lol. Of course I’m not inferring that all muslims are extremists – Mohamed, the shop owner, is a devout muslim also, and he explained to me how he and his christian employees have mutual respect for one-another’s beliefs – just this wacko, wanna-be-guru gave me that definite vibe. Hopefully he moves along sooner than later, but if not it should make for some more passing mirthful encounters.


  • Esau: When I need something I can demand it from Allah by one of his 99 names, who can you turn to?
  • Me: So far, the universe has given me everything I need, I don’t often feel the need to ask it for anything more.
  • Esau: Well where is your wife then? (btw he’s apparently divorced with children)
  • Me: I am sure I’ll meet her when the time is right, right now I’m happy on my own.
  • Esau: *scowl*

Takes all kinds I guess. I also had a brief conversation with an nice, overweight Irish woman who said she’s here because her ex-husband brought their kids here, and she’s fighting custody battles in Egyptian court, which she said is hard because “it’s a man’s world here.”

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4 thoughts on “Cost of living in Egypt

  1. Cari M says

    Those prices are hard to beat! Keep being a tourist jumping out of the path of speeding vehicles.

  2. lmutch says

    I just found a nearby supermarket that sells most of that stuff for less than half the price of the street kiosk too. Can't believe how cheap stuff is here!

  3. Tiara Mutch says

    Pizza, pepsi and ice cream… Glad to see you are keeping your energy levels up for dodging cars and explosions!

  4. lmutch says

    haha I bought some bananas and oranges and found a good supermarket that I'm gonna go to from now on. But yeah I eat really unhealthily…


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