Dahab Hostel, Cairo!

dahab hostel roof topCairo

city square street cairo After exiting Cairo International, being told that my arranged transportation didn’t come to the airport, and averting being accosted, I indeed managed to locate a man named Salah holding a sign with my name on it. We leisurely walked through a traffic jam parking lot to his car and joined the organized chaos that is the Egyptian transportation network – not sure why they bother painting lines on the road!? Pretty sure they wear out their horns before their tires.

Dahab Hostel

dahab hostel terrace roof topdahab hostel terracekittens playing roof top dahab hostelcat and kittens dahab hosteldahab hostel entrance old fashioned elevatorWe arrived at Dahab Hostel which truly lived up to its claim of being an “oasis in the city.” It’s a peaceful collection of small rooms, terraces, outdoor seating, plants, shared bathrooms, eclectic people, and vocal cats all atop the roof in the centre of the turmoil that is downtown Cairo. The building I’m staying in reminds me of something out of an old B&W movie, Adventures of Tintin, or Indiana Jones film: >12ft ceilings, spiral staircase, 3 person folding-door elevator, marble floors (real marble – I dropped some acid left over from field school [Geology joke]). Many building wash the floors and sidewalks daily otherwise the coarse, wind-blown dust accumulates rapidly and makes everything look dirty. My poor laptop also has to endure the pervasive grit baths, however much I try to keep it clean.

single room dahab hostel2 dollar breakfast dahab hostelgecko on wall dahab hostelSo I’ve pretty much settled in here with my only complaint being the ghastly speed of the internet; not too bad. Will be flying to Athens in one month, so I’m thinking it’s maybe time to start learning how to develop for Windows 10. Luckily I had the foresight to spend all night downloading and installing Windows 10 Preview and developer SDK (~8G) before leaving the doable Cyprus connection, but unfortunately the Windows Phone emulator (~2G) did not install correctly. So I’m running Windows 10 Preview with all its bugs on my laptop so I can hopefully get out a few apps before the full release this summer. Time to dig into C#, XAML, and the Windows 10 API.

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2 thoughts on “Dahab Hostel, Cairo!

  1. Cari M says

    The picture looks utopian! But is there AC?

  2. Tiara Mutch says

    Cool rooftop!


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