Downtown Cairo Street Violence

Street Explosions

So this happened when I was going to the corner kiosk for water and a

downtown cairo rundown building downtown cairo street corner downtown mosque cairo egyptI was just about to enter the store when I heard what sounded like a fight down the street. Everyone was coming out to take a look, so I looked down the street and saw a group of young guys throwing chairs around like a mob fight was about to break out, and then explosions started going off. I noticed that most people were fleeing the scene, and the Egyptian man I was standing next to put his hand on my shoulder and made a gesture that I took for, “get the fuck out of here!” So I got the fuck out of there! As I was running across the street where the explosions were going off, I noticed a young man pointing what looked like a large tube firework down the street towards the commotion. I ran past him and into the entrance to my building and was running up the first flight of stairs when I paused for a minute to see what was going on in the street and a large explosion went off directly outside the entrance on the street. It did not sound like a firework, and I’m fairly certain it was a small improvised explosive device. Didn’t stick around to ask questions, I ran up to my hostel where some of the other guests were watching from the rooftop. They said that there were explosions coming from a block or so down the street that I had run along.

Common Cairo Street Violence

burnt out mubarak government building tahrir squareShortly after, things appear to have returned to the normal street activity, and I hear police sirens on the street, but haven’t gone down again. Still not sure what happened but it looked to me like a couple of different groups were engaging one another? I’m also not too sure if the continued yelling is anything aside from the normal street yelling that always goes on? I think that it does seem to be escalating again though. My adrenaline is still at a pretty high level, probably won’t venture out again now that it’s dusk. Turns out that Cairo street violence is pretty commonplace as the nightly gunfire and burnt-out government buildings in the nearby Tahrir Square also suggests. Little did I know how close I would come to 3 real-live (well, not anymore) suicide bombers while in Luxor…

landon downtown cairofried mince meat and greensEveryone I mentioned it to said Cairo street violence is totally normal, that the police never let it get out of hand, and it was probably just a personal disagreement. Ok, whatever, I’ll buy it so I can sleep tonight. Went and got a pizza and water and everything was just as before 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Downtown Cairo Street Violence

  1. lmutch says

    Sorry in advance Mom, please do not worry, I met this guy from Brazil who's been here for two months who said nothing like this has happened since he's been here. I'm sure it's just an isolated incident.

  2. Cari M says

    Oh Landon. What can I say except please come home alive and un-maimed when you are done your adventure. I make no promises on the subject of worry.

  3. 문선미 says

    I feel the same as your mom.
    Please, take very special care of yourself.

  4. Anonymous says

    Sounds like you missed out on a classic Mediterranean chair fight party to me. Something you'd probably want to work your way up to.


  5. lmutch says

    I'll be sure to join in the festivities next time, haha jk, thanks for you concern guys, especially you SunMi 😉

  6. Tiara Mutch says

    Hahah Mediterranean chair fight haha.

    Wow that really sounds intense and kind of surreal to image that being your reality while I'm sitting in my quiet little home sipping coffee.

    I would say to be safe but it seems SunMis concern is the only one that matters 😛

    Keep posting, I am stoked to be able to see and hear what's happening!

  7. lmutch says

    lol thank you everyone for your concern. And for your posts, wasn't sure if anyone was gonna read this or not 🙂

    I'm sitting here drinking my coffee too, and starting to get over the culture shock a little I think, yesterday I did quite a bit of exploring.

  8. Lainie Sinclair says

    I appreciate your stories and updates. Who knows when i would be able to sit down with you and hear about your adventures. i am so thrilled for you to have this opportunity to see the east in a manner i don't suppose many others get.

  9. lmutch says

    Yeah it's really quite an experience, the past few days I've been a little lonely/homesick, but posting here and reading everyone's comments helps me to feel like I can share the experience to a degree 🙂


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