EOS 400 Field School, Cyprus

The Troodos Ophiolite

cloud bank over the alps europe from plane flying over cyprusThe Troodos Ophiolite in Cyprus is one of the only places on Earth where ocean crust has been obducted over continental crust and exposed on land for us to observe. We spent 10 days studying and mapping it; here we are on the last day sitting atop an ancient coral knoll and evaporite deposit. The weather was great, the company entertaining, and the rocks as fascinating as ever. It was a good trip and an excellent way to end my degree. Thanks especially to Dr. Lawrence Coogan (lecturing) and Duncan Johannessen (intensely examining a rock) for leading the trip and passing along their knowledge. I am tempted to post a library of rock-porn that I took over the course of the trip, but I’ll spare you.


prehistoric neolithic village cyprusprehistoric neolithic carved stone bowl cyprusroman-aged slag pile cyprus roman-aged slag cyprusOk just a few… From time to time we’d stop at a local historical site. A few of the most interesting were prehistoric, neolithic archeological ruins, and Roman ruins. Interesting fact: apparently the charcoal needed as reducing agent to produce all the roman slag piles found on Cyprus would require the island to have been deforested ~7 times over for it’s production!


troodos ophiolite formation pillow lavas intruded by dike swarms
The almost vertical columns are solidified-lava dikes that intruded earlier pillow lavas which are the squashed, round formations in the top-middle.

acid mine drainage runoff cyprusold mine buildings cypruschurch flags lookout cyprusWe had lunch one day on a church terrace in a small rural village. Cyprus has a very interesting history and culture from the many civilizations that have occupied it over the past 10000yrs, neolithic tribes, Greeks, Ottomans, Romans, Catholics, and now Turks (as most every Greek Cypriot I talked with would bitterly convey).
lawrence coogan eos 400 field school 2016 cyprus regional geology map landon spencer eos 400 field school 2016 cyprus hunter alex denae eos 400 field school cyprus eos 400 field school 2016 cyprus girls eos 400 field school 2016 cyprus

Here we are on one of the first couple days on top of Mt. Olympus. Once our work was done and the final exam was replaced by a well deserved KEO (Cyprus brew) buzz, 21 of us rented a sail boat and went out to enjoy the sun and the Mediterranean. Laying on deck till you couldn’t stand the heat anymore and bailing into the sea was absolutely amazing. One of the most wonderful feelings I’ve ever had is actually being able to just lay on the surface of the sea and float without swimming because it’s so salty.

daily breakfast from larnaca bakery cyprus coffee shop beach strip larnaca cyprus breakfast larnaca cyprusA few days later, after recovering from my graduation hangover, I found myself having breakfast (€6.5) in an open, beach-side restaurant enjoying a Cyprus breakfast and coffee (don’t drink that last bit because they brew it in the ground beans). I remember thinking that I must be the luckiest man on earth to be taking in this moment, with not a single deadline or demand on my time and nowhere to be excepting a flight to Egypt the next day.

3 thoughts on “EOS 400 Field School, Cyprus

  1. Cari M says

    Those moments of pure enjoyment and gratitude are to be treasured.

  2. lmutch says

    Yes indeed, pretty sure I have just caught the travel bug. It seems that those moments come much more frequently when I can't just slip into my normal daily environment and routines.

  3. Tiara Mutch says

    Oh man, I remember that feeling. There is nothing like it! That moment to moment freedom, being in another world with non of the normal expectations or routines weighing you down… just a sense of contentment and gratitude. So pumped for you!


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