Greek Food, Drink, Music

My room
Looking out over the central olive grove from my balcony

With its immaculate rooms, gardens, pool, and sufficiently fast internet, Villea Village on the southeast coast of Crete is paradise. The days are quiet and hot, and the evenings mild and filled with friendly Europeans, Australians, music, food, drink, and laughter. The first day I was here, Varsalis, the hotel manager, invited me to join him, some friends, and a couple other guests on a afternoon hike up through a gorge. It was a hot day as we climbed a few kms up a ravine path and along an abandoned aqueduct to a small pool fed by a nice waterfall. After enjoying the spot with a few other hikers, we continued on up above the waterfall to a dramatic, narrow canyon carved out by a now slow stream that opened up into numerous deep pools separated by smaller pools, waterfalls, and small clusters of flowering oleander trees. I wish so much I could have brought my camera, because it was incredibly beautiful, but we often had to swim through the deeper pools. The water was brisk and felt so nice after the hot and dusty mountainside trail. Afterwards we went to a beach-side tavern and enjoyed a nice local white wine and an amazing spread of fresh eggplant, steamed greens, bread, goat cheese, zucchini, salads, and sardines.

This morning I woke up late and went to the nearby produce market to cure my slight hangover with ripe cherries, watermelon, bananas, oranges, pistachios, and coffee. Did laundry, sat by the pool with my trusty kindle, surfed reddit, drank pina coladas, local beer and wine, and met a good-natured Australian crime scene investigator, Urik, and his wife, Angie. After an evening buffet and live music I stayed up late into the night mingling with various guests and locals. It’s afternoon now and I’m due for breakfast, the pool, and maybe another pina colada. There are a few nice young and middle-aged women around so maybe I’ll try my luck 😉

Old stone mill used to make flour and olive oil
Found this little bugger outside my room

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4 thoughts on “Greek Food, Drink, Music

  1. Cari M says

    Glad to see you are enjoying paradise! It looks and sounds pretty amazing.

  2. Cari M says

    That little guy is almost transparent!

  3. lmutch says

    Thanks again Mom and Dad for the week at Villea Village, it was fabulous and so relaxing, met lots of cool people and got to experience the not so touristy side of Crete. Totally Awesome!

  4. Cari M says

    You are more than welcome. We are thrilled that you had a great stay.


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