Hello World!

Hello world! So I just finished my degree in Geology last week after my last field school class in Cyprus! Yay, no more pressures. We spent an intensive 10 days studying the Troodos Ophiolite (very rare chunk of preserved oceanic crust that has been uplifted into continental crust) in Cyprus. Along with a few of my classmates, I spent a few days on the island relaxing and enjoying the great Greek food. But it was a little pricey, so I decided to move on to Cairo sooner than later. I arrived in downtown Cairo last night after my first encounter with Egyptian driving conduct, i.e. the wild-west. Still searching for a power-adapter for my laptop which is about to die any sec…

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5 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. C Mutch says

    Sounds like your experience with traffic in Egypt called for the Indiana Jones hat.

  2. lmutch says

    Had a grin on my face the whole way from the airport to downtown 🙂 not sure why they bother painting lines on the road though?!

  3. Rick M says

    Hey, I'm so jealous. What a great thing to being doing after years of hard work. Fantastic!!!

  4. lmutch says

    Yeah wish you were here too Dad, it's so nice to be able to just do whatever I want every day!

  5. Tiara Mutch says

    Congrats! You earned it!


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