Hexabot.top Scam Stealing Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash

Just a few hours ago, it has come to my attention that Hexabot.top is actively scamming it’s users out of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash.

The first warning sign for would be users that Hexabot.top is not a legitimate business is a good old fashioned domain lookup, which reveals that the site was only registered on September 8, 2017 under a WhoisGuard Protected registrant from Panama City, Panama.

Aside from this red flag, the site appears almost seamlessly tight, responsive, and professionally designed and managed. Whoever is behind the development of the site is surely a highly skilled developer and designer, or more likely a team of such.

Besides this warning flag, the only other real indicator that the site is a scam is that its trading bots are supposedly offering returns of up to 160% per week on initial investments. Let’s all repeat this together now, “H-Y-I-P.”

“Does it promise regular returns that exceed average market returns? It’s a Ponzi. Does it focus more on recruiting new people than any product? It’s a pyramid scheme.” — Andreas Antonopoulos

Since it’s inception a few months before time of publication, hexabot.top has otherwise appeared fairly benign and has dramatically risen to an impressive Alexa.com ranking of ~37,000 [Figure 1], as of November 5, 2017.

Figure 1. Hexabot’s meteoric rise in popularity over just a few months

However, as of November 4, 2017, the site has been going offline intermittently and has been showing users their withdrawable amount is a ridiculously large number [Figure 2], such as 11.85910001BTC, due to a supposed ‘bug’ in the site.

Figure 2. Hexabot.top dashboard showing deposit amount and withdrawable balance

The catch? You have to deposit a minimum of 0.001BTC if you want to withdraw the funds. The next catch? The funds you deposit, to the deposit address they provide you, are never credited to your hexabot.top account.

If you compare the server timestamp of the hexabot provided address below [Figure 3] to the same address on blockchain.info, you will notice the funds have not been credited to the hexabot account for over 8 hrs, at time of publication—contrary to the claim in their FAQs that funds will be deposited to the website after a single confirmation cycle (i.e. ~10 minutes).

Figure 3. Hexabot.top provided address is not credited with deposit amount.

Not surprisingly, their support is also suspiciously AWOL.

I’ve verifed the above to be true, because I am the sucker that sent them BTC. I published this to warm others NOT to deposit money into the addresses provided by hexabot.top! Also do NOT deposit funds into the address cited in this article, as this belongs to the owners of hexabot.top.

It’s still the crypto-wild-west friends. Stay safe out there, and remember: just say no to HYIP, ponzi, and pyramid schemes, no matter how slick they may appear. I certainly learned my lesson.


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