Macaque monkeys, crabs, beaches, mangrove

Sorry, I’m bored of writing about the details of my daily adventures; so to the detriment of this post’s SEO, I’ll let the photos and videos do the work.

beach sand crabs burrows and pelletslarger sand mud crab burrow on beach khuntong talking bird lanta baan nok resort lizard m hostel koh lanta long tail beach landing small rock island cliff and sand bar andaman sea small isolated beach andaman sea landon andaman sea cliffs and sand bar macaque monkey ready to jump aboard our boat crab eating macaque monkey aboard kayak mangrove em watching for rocks long tail boat and kayaks andaman sea em docking long tails mangrove channel long tail prow docked long tails in mangrove channel raised paths through flooded mangrove sweet and sour shrimp thai dish landon hammock lanta baan nok resort my goto thai kitchen next door

phra ae beach sunset koh lanta

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