Phuket to Phi Phi Island

green-curry-chicken-eggplant-jl-bangkok-thailandThis morning I folded up every piece of clothing I currently own, as they were draped all over my room to dry after doing laundry a few days ago, and packed up my laptop accessories while humming “On the road again, I just can’t wait to get on the road again…” My flight leaves this at ~20:30  for Phuket from the smaller Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok. The plan is to then catch a boat from Phuket to Phi Phi Island. Went down to the restaurant for iced-coffee to wake me up, green curry chicken and eggplant to clear the sinuses, and pineapple smoothie to ease my then burning mouth and lips! So spicy, but so good I couldn’t stop eating! Meh, it’s my stomach’s problem now. It will probably take a few hours to get to the airport, even though it’s not that far as the crow flies, so there’s few extra hours I’ll kill here on the fastest wifi I’ve found yet in Bangkok before dealing with the endless traffic jam.


The life of this digital nomad isn’t so glamorous as it might first appear. I’ve hardly left the AC of my hotel for the past week. Due to the recent unexpected server move, I’ve been on a steep learning curve to increase my proficiency as a web developer. Having found a decent internet connection, I have pretty much been hunkered down in bed, in my underwear, on my laptop, dealing with the consequences of my website’s most recent server move, rewriting old blog posts and renaming/re-uploading media files to make them more SEO friendly, setting up and managing various google/hosting analytics/webmaster/admin accounts, adding analytics code to pages, moving my app’s websites over to the new server, updating admin credentials and urls, adding non-www 301 redirects for canonical urls, categorizing posts, maintaining sitemap.xml files, and anything else I can think of to increase my search engine ranking.


Bangkok hasn’t really felt like a holiday, so I’m very much looking forward to hitting some beaches. I have a couple hostels booked en-route to the southern part of Phuket over the next couple days, where I hope to hop a boat from Phuket to Phi Phi and some other islands. There I hope to get a tan to help hide the increasingly dark circles around my eyes while sitting on the beach reading the raft of e-books that has accumulated on my kindle…





…So I’ve been in Phuket for three or four days now. The first was nice, I read on the beach; however, despite many slatherings of sunblock (I think the 7-11 sold me sugar water instead) I got a wicked sunburn. Two of the girls staying in my dorm room were quite sick, and so naturally I got quite sick. The last two days I have been dragged through hell and back: part heat exhaustion, dehydration, flu, diarrhea, hangover. My body is burning up, cold sweats, every inch of me aches with a fury. On a scale from 1 to 10, I’m at sickness level “simultaneous puking and shitting.” Luckily the washrooms here have the toilet and shower in the same room, so hosing down the aftermath is a breeze.



I’ve only left the dorm-room once for water, soon to be jettisoned from one hole or the other, and once again last night to try and keep some food down. Too weak to climb the top bunk, so moved to bottom. I’m a tortured meat sack of suffering. How great this body’s propensity for pain, and how meager its ration of pleasure reception. But, today is a little better than the last. Fresh mango, pineapple, drogon fruit, and coconut smoothies are slowly nursing me back to health.



Phuket is an island that’s connected to the mainland via bridge. I’m staying at Kamala Beach, which is supposed to be less visited than many other popular beaches such as Patong, but there are still a ton of tourists here – the majority of whom are either young families or old white men with young Thai arm candy. Once I’ve recovered, I plan on leaving for some smaller islands to try and find a more peaceful place to set up camp and lose the scooter-riding, cigarette-smoking, selfie-stick-holding, Eurotrash, riffraff.

landon-on-ferry-from-phuket-to-phi-phiJust bought my ticket – less than $20 for both transportation from my hotel across the island and ferry from the town of Phuket to Phi Phi Island.

And yes, of course the ball inevitably ended up in the ocean.


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2 thoughts on “Phuket to Phi Phi Island

  1. Cari Mutch says

    Oh no! That sounds serious. Only thing worse than being sick is being sick away from home. I hope you are much better by now. The fruit looks delicious and the natural beauty of the island you are planning to visit will be like medicine as well. Please take care! Love you.

  2. lmutch says

    Yeah, the past few days have sucked big time; but the bad days just help you appreciate the good ones more right 🙂


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