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bit-khajiit-logo-previewYour friendly neighborhood bitcoin trader

Want to buy something online, but afraid the seller might run away with your bitcoins without sending your purchased items? Want to sell something for bitcoins, but afraid the buyer won’t pay up after receiving your goods?

Have no fear, Bit Khajiit is here! Satoshi’s bitcoin whitepaper makes reference to “routine escrow mechanisms.” Bit Khajiit is just such an escrow service to help facilitate online bitcoin transactions between two untrusting parties. Essentially we’re a third party mediator that ensures the safe and secure exchange of bitcoins for digital or physical goods between two parties. Buyers and sellers transacting through our service can rest assured their transactions proceed predictably and reliably. And in the case of disputes, our mediators are ready to step in and promptly resolve the exchange in a fair and professional manner.

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How does it work?

android bitcoin escrow service app screenshot navigation drawer1) Seller sends buyer the transaction terms
2) Buyer agrees to transaction terms by sending payment to be held in trust by Bit Khajiit
3) Once buyer receives deliverables, Bit Khajiit releases payment to seller
4) Any potential disputes are professionally resolved by Bit Khajiit

Why should you trust Bit Khajiit?

android bitcoin escrow service app screenshot transaction thumbnailsandroid bitcoin escrow service app screenshot transaction detailsWe are dedicated above all else to building our trusted reputation in the bitcoin community as a secure and fair transaction facilitation escrow service. As our user base grows, so too will our good reputation. You can help by leaving a rating and review! Our good standing in the bitcoin community is our greatest asset and it’s in our own best interest to ensure all transactions are completed to both parties satisfaction. We would never risk losing the longterm trust of our users for any potential short term gains. Doing so would only ensure our prompt removal from the digital marketplace we seek to serve.

And of course all transactions are publicly visible on the blockchain for anyone to audit at anytime.

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-‘Khajiit has wares, if you have coin.’

Fine Print

🐾 We only deal in bitcoins. All external currency exchange rates are ignored.
🐾 A service fee (currently 1%) is charged on ALL our outgoing payments.
🐾 A standard transaction fee (paid to bitcoin miners) is subtracted from ALL our outgoing payments
🐾 e.g. Final Payment to Seller = Total Sale Price – (1% of Sale Price) – (Miner’s Transaction Fee)

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