Santorini to Budapest

I met Tivea, Sam, and Stephania in a hostel in Heraklion and ended up staying with them on Santorini. I arrived by ferry, had a beer in port, caught the bus to Fira, rented a 100cc “ATV,” and eventually found their hotel after multiple google failures, a dead phone, and help from a very nice lady on a motorbike. I got to know my new friends a little while swimming in the hotel pool until the Sun’s heat dissipated. We went to Fira that evening and hit a dance club till late.


Volcanic island in the middle of the collapsed crater that is Santorini

The next day we drove to Oia. After wandering around and photo canvassing the small town as if it were a crime scene, we sat down and waited for a long time for the sun to set.


I had been sitting there, bored, for over an hour when Shiyi decided to sit there too – and then everything changed…

Sam, Stephania, Tivea, and Shiyi


Hősök tere (Heroes’ square)

The leaders of the seven hordes

Why, oh why, are there no cat cafes in Canada!?

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  1. Cari M says

    You look so happy!


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