Senso-ji Temple

sensoji-temple-asakusa-tokyo1 sensoji-temple-asakusa-tokyo2 sensoji-temple-asakusa-tokyo3 sensoji-temple-entrance-asakusa-tokyoI finally know what it must feel like to be a morning person. Because I’m still on N.A. time, I willingly was up, showered, and shaved by 6am. Had a fabulous breakfast of spicy grilled beef and raw egg on rice with miso soup at a small diner. It took the cook a couple tries to get me to pointed at the vending machine near the entrance used to place orders. Grabbed a coffee at Mickey D’s and wandered around Asakusa and through the Senso-ji temple grounds for a while as the Sun came up. I’d seen pictures of Sensoji temple, but until you are standing beneath it, you really have no idea how huge it really is. The intricate fine detailing of it’s massive eaves is truly awesome.

Very bad fortune
Dragon carvings on underside of Sensoji gate

I donated 100 yen for my fortune: “Even if you try to do anything, you can not get along with others. Try to avoid dangerous, another trouble will come. Troubles and difficulties come to the person who take care of home. Be careful to be more religious, because bad things come repeatedly. *Your wishes will not come true. *The patient won’t get well soon. *The lost thing can’t be found. *The person you are waiting for won’t come. *Building a new house and remoal are both bad. *It’s bad to make a trip. *Neither marriage nor employment is good. Either marriage or employment is bad.”

It’s a good thing I’m not religious; however, because of its intensity, I decided to err on the side of caution and follow the custom by tying it to a tree inside the Senso-ji temple to be rid of it.

So hard not to feed the carp when they are so good at begging!
Sensoji shrines
Fountain for cleaning your hands before entering temple
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3 thoughts on “Senso-ji Temple

  1. Cari says

    Yes, for sure tie that one to the tree. It looks suspiciously like summer there! -30 outside and 18.3 inside for us this am. Soooo, we are thinking it’s good to make a trip.

  2. lmutch says

    Well don’t get too jealous until you read the next post 😉

  3. Tiara says

    The fortune teller is a real optimist!

    Welcome to morning life 🙂


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