And of course a trip to Tokyo would not be complete without some play time in Shibuya! Mariko and I went clubbing at the Atom club in Shibuya. Atom is an electronic music club, fairly decent DJs, but it was a total sausage fest, I’d say the ration of guys to girls was about 1:20 or worse! But we had fun. One thing I have to say though is if there were ever a fire in there, everyone would die. There was no capacity limit and so many people packed into the three dance floors, there was security in the middle of the stairwells in order to maintain up and down flow separated. The only exit was a narrow hallway that literally at most could accommodate two people side by side at a time.

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While in Hakone, I took about three days to start learning how to 3D model with blender. After three days of watching online tutorials, fooling around in blender, and custom mapping keyboard commands to my steam controller, I completed my first ever 3D model.

meiji jingu shrine torri gate meiji jingu shrine torri gate 3d model blender meiji jingu shrine torri gate tokyoPretty basic, but I’m fairly happy with how it turned out. Because I’m working with just a laptop cpu, I rendered it using the blender render and not cycles, and also I haven’t started learning how to use the node editor yet so I just used color shading and no textures. Textures are a whole nother learning curve. Probably what took the most time was simply setting up and revising the modeling environment on my laptop.

I don’t have a numpad so I had to spend alot of time mapping out the many keyboard shortcuts to the various buttons and button combos on my steam controller. It took a bit of doing, but I’m pretty happy with the mapping and am getting much more comfortable moving around blender. It kinda feels like playing a video game using the controller, so it’s fun. Once I get settled somewhere nice here in Thailand I’ll start work on a more ambitious project. Honestly, I love my steam controller and highly recommend it to anyone, it’s button configuration is fully customizable not only for each  individual game in steam but also for each individual application on your pc, e.g. my desktop button mapping is different than my firefox mapping and my blender mapping etc. Pretty sweet setup. It makes even surfing the net from a laptop with no mouse very comfortable and easy. There’s my shameless Valve plug.

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  1. Tiara says

    I have no idea what you’re talking about but great job Bender! jk


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