Trans-Pacific Flight: Vancouver to Tokyo

Eastern-most Albertan Rockies
Aleutian aluvial flood delta
Landing at Vancouver International
Vancouver to Tokyo flight path

The eastern-most Alberta Rockies had an optimal snow cover for defining their pervasive westward-dipping fault surfaces caused by various island arc terrains smacking up against the west coast as they were periodically rafted in by the eastward subduction of the Pacific Tectonic Plate. Soon after leaving Vancouver airport, we were above a modern such terrain – the Aleutian Islands, created by the northward subduction of the Pacific Plate. I’m aboard a 787-8 dream-liner, which is the nicest plane I’ve been aboard. Its wings sweep up and back like those of a large bird of prey riding smooth air currents. I’m on my way to Japan, which owes its existence to the westward subduction of the Pacific Plate.

Aleutian Islands
Aleutian volcanoes

I had originally booked all my flights together, Edmonton -> Vancouver -> Tokyo -> Bangkok -> Seoul -> Vancouver -> Edmonton. Apparently it’s important to pay attention to the little am/pm part of your ticket, particularly when your flight leaves at noon/midnight. Mistakes were made; all my flights were canceled. Moral of the story: I’m a fucking idiot and will be booking my flights individually from now! The only trouble is that countries require you to have an exit booked before they will let you in country. I kept a flight itinerary from my canceled trip, so the plan is to use this as proof if need be. Japan customs only asked me a few questions before letting me in, so don’t think this will be an issue.

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2 thoughts on “Trans-Pacific Flight: Vancouver to Tokyo

  1. Cari says

    Beautiful photos. Looks like it was a great flight.

  2. Tiara says

    Cool aerials! That flight situation sounds like a shit show, but glad to hear it didn’t dampen your spirits!


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